A Complete Plant Care Guide for Calathea Roseopicta

What is Calathea Roseopicta?

Calathea Roseopicta, also known as the rose-painted Calathea, is an evergreen plant belonging to the Calatheas. This is native to northwest Brazil but can be grown in other tropical regions.

Just like Peacock Plant (Calathea Makoyana), it is a clump-forming plant, usually growing up to 40-60cm.

Calathea Roseopicta has been bred into different varieties (identified by their unique leaf patterns), which means that there is a limitless variety of the plant to choose from.


Types of Calathea Roseopicta You Can Find in Hong Kong

Calathea Roseopicta comes in many varieties as it is artificially bred. In Hong Kong, it is easy to find two major types in homes and stores; the Medallion and the Dottie

One distinctive way to distinguish between the Medallion and the Dottie is through the pattern colours of their leaves – the Medallion has pale green patterned tops while the Dottie is in purple colour.


Benefits of Calathea Roseopicta

Growing houseplants has shown benefits to our health in a variety of ways, and Calathea Roseopicta is not at all an exception. Here are ways by which the rose-painted Calathea improves our environment and health:

  • Purifying and improving the quality of the air
  • Inducing sensations of calmness
  • Trapping dusts
  • Stimulating healthier irritability in humans