Plant for Each Birth Month

Everyone has an interest to read about their own personality traits and qualities that are unique to them. From looking up their birthstone to reading about their star sign and zodiac signs, many have gone out of their way to uncover details about themselves in a variety of unique methods. However, not many are aware of birth month flowers; one or two flowers that represent them in accordance with the month they are born in. Each flower has their own unique meaning and characteristic, and understanding these will enable you to send the perfect birthday flowers to the recipient.

The History of Birth Month Flowers

Flowers have always been known for their outstanding beauty, impressive range of colours and wonderful fragrances. Birth month flowers are believed to have originated in the Roman Empire where flowers were offered as gifts and used to honour Roman gods. Since history, a flower language has been developed and one or two unique birth flowers have been assigned to each month.

Birth Flowers by Month

January: carnation and snowdrop

Both of these flowers thrive in winter. Carnations, in particular, symbolise devotion, loyalty and love. Someone born in this month is known to be very passionate and loving, and is a loyal friend.


February: violet and primrose

February flowers are fresh and bright. Just like the birthstone amethyst, violets are a gorgeous shade of purple. These flowers signify faithfulness, humility and wisdom, whereas primroses connote confidence and youth. Together, it means people born in the month of February are honest, wise and have a playful innocence to them, making them very easy to get along with.


March: daffodil

Daffodils are the symbol of the arrival of spring. The cheerful daffodils are commonly known for their happy bright yellow hues. These flowers represent rebirth, good fortune and prosperity, so people born in March are cheerful and optimistic.


April: daisy and sweet pea

Daisies symbolise innocence and purity, whereas sweet pea connote blissful pleasure and gratitude. People born in April are known for their sweet and kind people who will support you no matter what.


May: lily of the valley

This May flower is recognised as flowers of humility and happiness. Lily of the valley are associated with traditional feminine qualities, meaning that someone born in the month of May tends to be sweet, warm, considerate and gentle.


June: rose and honeysuckle

The birth flowers for June are the ever popular rose and honeysuckle. These flowers represent beauty, love, devotion and honour, making June babies the perfect combination of all of these qualities!


July: delphinium and water lily

The July birth flowers, delphinium and water lily are both associated with positivity, honesty, dignity and grace. Those who celebrate their birthdays in July are believed to be lovely, kind-hearted individuals.


August: gladiolus and poppy

The vibrant gladiolus is the birth bloom of August, and they are very popular flowers to have around late summer months. Gladiolus flowers symbolise strength of character, honesty, moral integrity, independence and generosity, making August babies strong individuals.


September: aster

Asters bloom all year round, but thrive in September. They are well known for their connotation with love, wisdom, faith and innocence, and people born in this month are found to be well-rounded individuals.


October: marigold

The beautiful, exotic scented marigold is a delight to have around this time of the year. These sturdy flowers represent determination, warmth and creativity. Those born in October are known to be passionate, diligent and driven.


November: chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums come in many different hues, making them a symbol of many positive attributes. However, they mostly signify friendship, honesty and happiness, meaning that the people born in November are positive, loyal individuals.


December: holly

Holly is technically not a flower but rather an evergreen plant with bright red berries. Growing in the coldest month all year round, holly has a strong endurance for hardship. People born in this month are strong, positive and influential.