Plant Gift Delivery for Every Occasion

Have you ever thought about the stress of shopping for plant gifts and moving them from the store by yourself? We have thought about it too.

With Urban Plants Hong Kong, you don't have to worry about that stress anymore, as we will deliver every order to you. When you shop for plant gifts for any occasion, you will get the best delivery without lifting a finger. Read on to find out the benefits that come with plant gifts and their delivery.


Advantages Of Giving Plant Gifts

  • Plants Are Good for The Health

One of the best gift choices you can give to a loved one offers benefits to their health.

Plants are known to offer numerous therapeutic benefits, so when we have them around us, they give a lot of benefits to our bodies and environment.

Whether you're gifting an adult or a kid, plants are always a beneficial list to choose from.


  • Plants Are Durable

If subjected to favorable conditions, plants can last for decades, centuries (some, forever). It's always nice to have them around for as long as possible.

If you are ever looking for a living gift that can stay around for a long time, choose a plant.


  • Plants Can Be Given On Any Occasion

Switching from informal to formal occasions (or no occasion at all), you can choose a plant as a perfect gift at any time. So if you're indecisive about what 'perfect gift' to give on any occasion, plants are always a go-to.


Benefits of Plant Gift Delivery

  • Plant Gift Delivery is Personalized And Presentable

Plants gifts on Urban Plants Hong Kong are always packaged professionally in presentable ways. When they are delivered to your given address, they come in personalized and presentable appearances, to catch your recipient's heart at first sight.


  • Plant Gift Delivery is Convenient

Our Plant Gift Delivery is aimed at saving you every stress and time of transporting your plant gifts. All you have to do is select what plants you want and place your order for them; we will bring them to you.


  • Plant Gift Delivery is Fast

When you place an order on Urban Plants Hong Kong, you can be sure to receive it very fast. Most orders are delivered on the same working day when they are placed or the day after, provided they are placed earlier in the day. Relatively, deliveries to metropolitan areas are quicker than in rural areas.



Urban Plants Hong Kong will deliver your plant gifts to most Hong Kong Metropolitan Area for free, saving you every dime of delivery fees.


Top Plant Gifts for Every Occasion

If you are looking to gift your relative/colleague plants that are highly beneficial, easy-to-maintain, and add beauty to the home/office, then these eco-friendly plants are the top choices to go with.


  •  Aloe Vera Small
Aloe Vera plant is one of the most beneficial plants one could keep, especially for its eco-friendly and therapeutic purposes. It is well-known for its soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties.
It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and requires only little maintenance to thrive healthily, so it’s a perfect fit for everybody.
Place your order for Aloe Vera at $330 now and enjoy free delivery to Hong Kong Metropolitan areas.
  • Pink Evergreen Plant
From traditional to contemporary style, this indoor plant can literally suit any interior scheme. The Pink Evergreen Plant is also very useful to help improve concentration and productivity in any work environment.
If you’re ever looking for a durable houseplant, consider the Pink Evergreen Plant.
Place your order for Pink Evergreen Plant at $499 now and enjoy free delivery to Hong Kong Metropolitan areas.
  • Bamboo Palm
Easily grown indoor or outdoor, the Bamboo palm is an easy and rewarding houseplant to keep. It’s a tough plant that thrives well even with low attention, making it easy to grow by every gardener, be him a beginner or expert.
This highly beneficial plant is a perfect gift choice for every occasion and everybody.
Place your order for Bamboo Palm at $870 now and enjoy free delivery to Hong Kong Metropolitan areas.