Plant Feng Shui Guide for Your New Home

Apart from making your home or office more aesthetically pleasing, plants can do a lot more. According to the ancient Chinese feng shui principles brought down through generations, houseplants can nourish your personal energy, bringing positivity and good fortune into the environment.


Why Plants are Related to Feng Shui

By decorating your space with plants, you are ultimately strengthening the energy of “wood”, an important feng shui element. This element brings you the positive energy you need for growth and action, and it can also inspire more human attributes, such as kindness, understanding and compassion, generating a fantastic balance in the area. The green colour of plants is also closely associated with rejuvenation and vitality in feng shui.


How to Choose a Good Feng Shui Plant

Although there are not necessarily plants that are deemed good or bad for feng shui, there are some plants that are more commonly recommended to be placed in the home or office to garner good energy. Here are some feng shui tips for choosing a suitable feng shui plant for your space.

The concept of sha qi, or sharp energy, in feng shui relates to an attacking energy, usually from sharp objects. When directed at your body or personal space, sha qi is believed to drain you of your personal energy. So, if you wish to promote positive feng shui energy, starting with yourself, it is advised to avoid very pointy and spiky plants, such as certain cacti.

In feng shui, it is said that a dying and neglected plant can have a negative impact in your home or office and also drain your energy. Therefore, it is wise to consider whether you have the right environment, time and mindset to look after a plant well and keep it healthy before bringing it into your space. Should your plant inevitably develop any brownness, remove the brown portions immediately.

If you are looking to use fake plants for promoting good feng shui, you will need to search for realistic high-quality fake plants to cultivate any benefits. They should be so realistic that one needs to touch them to confirm whether they are real or not.

5 Indoor Feng Shui Plants we Highly Recommend

Zanzibar Gem (Large) (HK$670): Bring good luck and fortune into the home with this low-maintenance adorable plant. Not only can it be a fabulous plant to look after for the average busy individual, it is also a wonderful air purifier.


Jade: The jade plant, also known as a money plant, is a good luck symbol and is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the home or work environment. It also improves the indoor air quality and reduces humidity.


Mini Kumquat Tree with Decorations (HK$899): This mini kumquat tree is a delightful plant to have in your space. A symbol of good fortune, wealth and prosperity, it will bring positive vibes to you.The colour and vibrance of this plant will also motivate and inspire those around it.


Bamboo: Bamboo represents growth, nourishment and adaptability, making it one of the top choices for good feng shui. Its bright green stalks are also a great symbol of vitality. It is believed that keeping two stalks of bamboo cultivates love, whereas three stalks signifies happiness in your life.


Mini Bougainvillea (HK$899): Add a splash of colour to your home or workplace with this magnificent mini bougainvillea plant! This pretty, pink flowering plant is not only vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, it symbolises passion and liveliness as well as beauty and peace, an amazing combination of good vibes to keep around you.