Buying Plants for Your Home Office

We all know the benefits of growing some greenery in our homes. The healing powers of plants are seemingly endless; they clean the air, they lift moods and relieve stress, they inspire you and help you focus, they give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose, and they bring you great joy. However, there is a lot more they can bring, according to the experts of feng shui.
In accordance with the ancient Chinese practice of creating harmony between you and your environment to promote your well-being, keeping indoor plants is a gateway to good luck, a better career, and even wealth. This is especially important if you spend a lot of time at home or work in a home office. A cleaner, brighter workplace is highly beneficial for the mind, body and soul, so keeping a small desk plant or placing a bigger potted plant beside your desk if you’ve got the floor space will do a lot more than simply jazzing up your environment.

Types of Plants to Buy for Your Workplace

The rubber plant or the rubber tree does wonders for removing indoor toxins and will grow happily in your office space under high light levels. Bright, indirect light is best. The plant emits a calm, relaxing energy and will draw positivity to your home, particularly in the southeast and east areas.
If you are looking for some security in your home, the snake plant can serve as your protector. It is believed that it can ward off negative energy by being positioned by your front door or large window. In doing so, it brings a vibrant, positive energy to your home office, enabling you to focus.
Air-purifying plants like air plants and ZZ plants are fantastic for feng shui. They soak up copious amounts of toxins in the air and purify your home. Best of all they are low maintenance plants to keep on your office desk, requiring minimal watering and low to medium light.
Flowering plants, like the peace lily, are also an invaluable addition to your home office. They are believed to convert negative energy into positive energy. Low light or filtered light works well for this beloved plant.

Brilliant Plants for Your Home Office

Contrary to popular belief, indoor gardening is not as hard as it seems, and there are many green beauties that are easy to care for and easy to grow. We’ve got a few in mind that will not only promote good feng shui but are easy to maintain in your household.
  1. Braid Money Plant ($999): This amazing plant actually comprises several plants, interwoven at the truck. It brings prosperity and good fortune to the home, and symbolises longevity, togetherness and unity. They are very low maintenance; you just need to water them once a month! With bright, indirect light, it can reach up to 8 feet tall indoors.
  1. Red Anthurium ($499): Native to the tropical and subtropical zones of South and Central America, this plant has a very interesting appearance. The red, heart-shaped flower signifies that it brings happiness and love wherever it is placed, making it a wonderful gift for couples. This indoor plant requires bright spaces and high humidity to bloom well. Water every three to four days.
  1. Aloe Vera (Small) ($330): With its pointed, succulent leaves, aloe vera plants provide you with protection and security. It also brings you a vibrant, positive environment while purifying the air. In addition, these therapeutic plants have soothing, moisturizing, and cooling properties. They are fairly low-maintenance, and can be watered every three to four days.