Ctenanthe Setosa Plant Care Essentials

What is Ctenanthe Setosa?

Ctenanthe Setosa is an evergreen tropical plant that originates from the South America and native to Brazil.

It is an eye-catching herbaceous plant that loves shades, so it is an ideal houseplant that’s commonly found in homes and offices.

If treated rightly in the appropriate conditions, this plant can render a tropical beauty to the home with its elegant white blooms.


Must-Know Facts About Ctenanthe Setosa

There are some interesting traditional and scientific facts about the Ctenanthe setosa plant that are always worthy to know:

  • This plant has an interesting name “Never never plant”
  • Its fruits contain low level of toxicity, but still not advisable for consumption.
  • The upper side of the leaf is silver-green with green strips along the veins, while the underside is purple.


Types of Ctenanthe that can be found in Hong Kong

There is considerably a large variety in the genus Ctenanthe that exists in tropical regions. There are about 15 species and many of them are readily available in the nurseries and can be easily grown as they are similar in characteristics.

Here is a list of popular species in the genus Ctenanthes:

  1. Ctenanthe amabilis
  2. Ctenanthe burle-marxii
  3. Ctenanthe compressa
  4. Ctenanthe lubbersiana
  5. Ctenanthe oppenheimiana
  6. Ctenanthe setosa