How to Easily Grow Bird Of Paradise Plants

What Is Bird Of Paradise?

If you’ve ever come across a flower that looks like a bird, then you have most likely met the Bird Of Paradise Plant.

Bird Of Paradise, botanically known as Strelitzia reginae, is a renowned tropical flower plant native to South Africa. Often times, many mistake this plant to the banana tree because it looks like banana plants without close study.

 Scientists believe that the split leaves that give Bird of Paradise plant its bird-like morphology are adaptations to help the plant survive the wind. They have eveolved to create lateral splits that allow the wind to pass through them without tearing the plant.


Facts About Bird Of Paradise Plant

Bird Of Paradise plant, for its magnificence among tropical plants, has some interesting facts attached to it:

  • Its flowers are also called the cranium flower because of their cranium shape.
  • It is an evergreen perennial which is usually planted
  • It usually blooms between September and May
  • Its flowers symbolize independence, grace, and splendor.
  • Plants positioned at partly shaded spots usually produced more elegant than in the direct sun.


Types of Bird Of Paradise You Can Find in Hong Kong

There is a variety of Bird Of Paradise that one can find in the tropics. Asides Strelitzia reginae, you can usually find four other species:

  1. Strelitzia alba
  2. Strelitzia juncea
  3. Strelitzia nicolai

The striking feature these various species all have in common is their silky evergreen foliage.