Ming Tree Essential Care Guide

What is the Ming tree?

The Ming tree is also commonly known as Ming aralia. Its scientific name is Polyscias fruticosa. These broadleaf evergreen tropical plants are shrubs from the Araliaceae plant family. They are native in India and Polynesia and grow in an upright manner, resembling small trees. When grown outdoors in their natural habitat, they can reach up to 10ft and become hardy. With proper care, it can eventually reach 6ft when grown indoors.

Ming trees are seasonal bloomers that produce white or pale-yellow flowers in the summer. However, they rarely flower to produce fruits when grown outside tropical climates. The dark green leaves are finely segmented while the leaflets have toothed margins that are shiny in appearance.

Different types of Ming Tree

The family Araliaceae to which Polyscias belongs has trees and shrubs that contain gum and resin ducts.  Plants of this family can be found in different parts of the world. Some of the most popular Polyscias varieties include:

  1. Polyscias crispa ‘Chicken Gizzard’

This species grows upright and branches freely

  1. Polyscias crispa ‘Palapala’

This plant’s leaflets are attractively patterned with dark green, golden yellow, and ivory