Pet-Friendly Plants for Your Cats & Dogs 

If you are a nature lover, chances are, you would love a world where your adorable pooch, feline friend and green decor would live together in harmony. Thankfully, with sufficient research and just the right plants, that is certainly possible.
The thing is, many common plants are not safe to be kept around our beloved cats and dogs. No matter how well-behaved your four-legged furry friend is, it's highly likely that they will take a chomp out of your plants one day. If ingested, certain plants can become a poison, and prone to causing tremors, seizures or even be fatal to your pet. That’s why it is so important to steer clear of toxic plants,

What are considered Pet-Friendly Plants?

There are an abundance of striking plants you could look out for in Hong Kong that are non-toxic to both humans and animals.
  • The Calatheas, commonly known as the prayer plant, is so called due to its spectacular nocturnal movements; its leaves curl upwards at night, giving it a “prayer hands” appeal
  • If you want to keep your plants hanging, the boston fern and spider plants are a fabulous choice. They look beautiful in a hanging basket and can be placed indoors or outdoors
  • Native to Central America, parlor palms are excellent air purifiers and are easy to maintain
  • Add a splash of colour to your home with a polka dot plant. Its brightly spotted leaves are sure to turn heads.
We strongly endorse you to keep a bit of greenery at your home to freshen up the environment as well as to improve your mood, so it’s vital that we find some that are suitable for every single home-dweller. Read on to uncover our favourite pet-friendly plants!


Perfect Pet-Friendly Plants to Keep Around Your House

  1. Asplenium Nidus ($350): Our striking Asplenium Nidus is an amazing, pet-friendly indoor plant. Placed in a pot at the entrance of your house, it makes for a magnificent sight. It thrives in tropical climates and rich, moist soils, so be sure to water it every three to four days. Your furry friends may give this curious-looking fern a nudge or two during the day, but after a while it will fit right into the family. This plant prefers a good shaded area, so behind your front door in the hallway would be its perfect home!


  1. Bamboo Palm ($870): High in our list of plants that are safe for cats and dogs are our Bamboo Palm plants. These plants are easy to look after and very rewarding to keep either indoors or outdoors. Their thin, but sturdy reed-like trunks and green pinnate leaves are very comforting to the eyes. Best of all, caring for them could not be any easier! Water it when the soil becomes dry, usually after every three days. The more light the plant is exposed to, the taller it can grow, so if you are living in a particularly sunny climate, prepare to watch it shoot up!


  1. Air Plant ($280): Looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that is also fantastic to keep around your pet cat or dog? Look no further than our air plants. Rather than soaking up nutrients from soil, they absorb everything from the air around them via the scales on their leaves. Due to their extraordinary appearance and air-purifying qualities, they are wonderful for keeping in the home. Air plants like bright, indirect light and are one of the easiest plants to look after. You can even tell when it needs a little water because the leaves become droopy, and it perks up after getting the watering it needs.