Snake Plant Growing Information Tips

What is a Snake Plant?

Scientifically known as Sansevieria trifasciata, the snake plant is a common evergreen succulent plant native to Africa and Asia. Its sword-shaped leaves grow upwards from a basal rosette and are common indoor plants. Snake plants are ornamental plants and have indoor air purifying abilities that make them dear to most gardeners. They are, however, poisonous to cats and dogs, so you want to keep your pets away from them.

Intro of Snake Plant and growing information and tips

The snake plant is also commonly known as St. George’s sword, Mother-in-law's tongue due to its sharp leaves margins, and the viper's bowstrings as one of the sources for fibers used to make bowstrings. The plant is also commonly referred to as the bowstring hemp and is considered significant to Feng Shui practitioners.

The plant can attain up to two meters in height in optimal growth conditions, and leaves can be 70 to 90 cm long and five to six cm wide. The plants thrive in the outdoors in places with warmer climates and as house/ indoor plants in regions with cooler conditions.

The snake plant has rhizomes that grow near the roots and sometimes can be seen above the soil, through which one can propagate the plant. The leaves are dark-green with white or yellow patches and have sharp edges that join to a sharp needle-like apex.

Types of Snake Plants you can find in Hong Kong

The most common varieties of snake plants present foliage: straight, slender dark-green succulent leaves with silver or grey horizontal streaks. The plant can grow in several conditions, temperatures, and levels of light. Some of the most common varieties include;

Laurentii Sansevieria

This type of snake plant is popular and common for its dark green leaves with yellow margins.

Bird’s nest

As the name suggests, the snake plant has cluster-forming leaves that look like a cup or a bird's nest. Known as Hahnii, these plants are relatively smaller than other varieties and can only grow tall up to 6 inches.

Cylinder snake plant

Known as Sansevieria cylindrica, these snake plants have round leaves that can grow very long in ideal conditions. Usually, the leaves form a crown as they move outwards.