Swiss Cheese Plant Planting & Caring Guide

What is a Swiss Cheese Plant?

Swiss Cheese plant, also known as Monstera deliciosa, is named because of the holes in the large, heart-shaped leaves. They are easy to house plants to care for and are the most popular of the monstera plant.

Switch Cheese plants have healthy, pest-free leaves and branches that love to climb unto the nearest stake or trellis they find.

The plant displays beautifully and it produces larger leaves. However, once the plant matures, the monstera leaves also start getting bigger and broader.


Other Known Varieties of Monstera


  • Monstera borsigiana

It is like Monstera deliciosa (Swiss Cheese plant) especially when it is young. However, borsigiana is a bit smaller than deliciosa.


  • Monstera adansonni

Also known as monkey mask; has irregular holes in its leaves; easy to maintain.


  • Monstera varrogata

Has beautifully spotted leaves; blooms easily in the living room.


  • Monstera siltepeccana

Lighter than other monstera; they are harder to find in the tropical region; but exquisite if you can get your hand on one.


  • Monstera Variegata

Patterned with white or cream colour and cream, it is harder to find and more expensive.


  • Monstera pinnatipartita

Has very large, glossy leaves, but tends to grow slit rather than holes.


  • Monstera obliqua

Are a stunning plant hat that has holes but the holes are much larger than the leaves.


  • Monstera epipremnoidesis

An easily grown tropical plant that requires little effort indoors or outdoors.