Everything You Need to Know About Tillandsia Air Plant

What is Tillandsia Air Plant?

Known to many as pets rather than a plant, the tillandsia air plant comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and can appear to be spiky, rounded, fuzzy or furry. Some even have along trail behind them like a ponytail. But no matter what kind of tillandsia you get, you are bound to find them undeniably adorable.

Things you should know before you start growing it

The tillandsia air plant is an amazingly hardy plant that can survive just about anywhere. But even so, it can leave even the most seasoned gardeners scratching their heads.

These plants are epiphytes. This means their nature bids them to grow on other plants rather than in the soil, so there isn't a need to invest in any good quality soil. In the wild, you may find them clinging onto trees, shrubs, rocks and bushes.

Types of Tillandsia Air Plant You Can Find in Hong Kong

Tillandsia air plants are native to the mountains, forests and deserts in Mexico, the United States and across Central and South America, but you can find a wide variety of these beauties online in Hong Kong. Many are placed in globes or air plant terrariums and make a fantastic indoor décor.

A popular air plant is the tillandsia ionantha, which has a short stem and grassy leaves. It usually blooms bright coloured flowers nearing the end of its life. The tillandsia caput-medusae is so called as a reference to the head of Medusa, due to its shape. Long strands of snake-like leaves protrude from the stem and red or blue flowers may appear in summer. If you're looking for something more vibrant as a whole, keep an eye out for the tillandsia maxima. Its green leaves gradually turns into a coral sunset colour before blooming a gorgeous purple flower.