Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly plant care guide

The Alocasia Polly plant guide consists of the conditions you ought to maintain for your plant to thrive. It's not as easy as with indoor plants, but once you get accustomed to it, you should be able to care for even more advanced plants.

  1. Make sure your plants are moist all year round. Not to confuse with wet and soggy. Leaving the soil to get soggy could cause root rot and encourage bacterial and fungal infections. Please place them in humid locations and away from too much cold. They love warmth and moist. Too much cold causes your plant to go into dormancy. Usually, the dormancy period is from late fall through to winter. Be sure to water and feed your plant less often during this period. Leave the soil to dry before watering your plant again.
  2. Prune your plant to get rid of the damage or dried leaves. During dormancy, the leaves may dry out, which is normal. You don't want to throw your plant away thinking it's dead.
  3. Check for pests like spider mites and treat them immediately.
  4. Repot your plant once it has overgrown the pot.
  5. Keep the humidity at 50-60%. If you are not so sure about your room's humidity, you can always use a humidifier.