Bamboo Palm

Bamboo Palm Plant Care Guide

  • Water: Water your plant consistently during summer and spring when its growth is peaking. Cut back the watering during the off-season but be sure not to let it dry out.
  • Soil: The plant loves moisture but not wetness. Use a well-draining soil, or better yet, a pot with holes to drain excess water.
  • Humidity: Unlike some of the houseplants requiring high humidity, bamboo palm thrives with medium to high humidity, making it easier to care for. Keep your plant away from the wind to prevent drying up. The wind clears moisture in the room, causing your plant to lose more water.
  • Temperature: Bamboo palm plants do well in temperatures between 65 and 75°F. Some varieties are hardy in lower temperatures. Your plant needs adequate warmth for maximum growth. The best time is during summer and spring when the temperatures are most friendly.
  • Pest control: Bamboo palms rarely attract any bugs, but sometimes they can get attacked by mealybugs and spider mites. Always be on the lookout to catch them early and treat them before they destroy your plant or spread to your garden.
  • Propagation: Growing new plants from cuttings is not easy, and the most guaranteed way to propagate the bamboo palm plant is through the seeds.