Garden Croton

Garden Croton Plant Care Guide

Croton plants are not the easiest to maintain, but with some help, any indoor plant enthusiast can crack the code and join the experts. Provide the right growth conditions, and your Garden croton plant will repay you in beauty.

  • Soil: The garden croton plants thrive in well-draining soil.
  • Feeding: You can use a slow-release fertilizer to feed your plant during summer and spring when it’s growing more. Be sure to apply it once per month during the active season and a quarter yearly when the plant is less active or dormant.
  • Water: The tropical plant likes water, but it can thrive without much of it. Let the soil dry halfway before watering the plant again. Don't keep your plant soggy. Its roots need to breathe, and the plant does not appreciate wetness.
  • Humidity: Keep the humidity medium to high. The humidity level should be between 40 and 80%
  • Light: Garden croton plants are sun lovers. Anywhere with bright but indirect sunlight is a perfect location to place your plants. Less light makes your plants less colorful, and I'm sure you want to have those vibrant colors.
  • Temperature: Croton plants love warmth. Leaving your plants in the cold causes leaf loss. You don’t want to keep them outside or in a location where the temperatures are below 60°F.
  • Pests: The plant can attract pests like mealybugs and spider mites. Wetness can encourage spider mites infestations. To treat pest infestations, you can wash the leaves immediately you notice them or apply an organic neem extract.