Calla Lilies

Tips and Guide on Calla Lilies plant care

Anyone can grow these beautiful flowers as long as they can learn how to maintain the following conditions;

  1. Soil type: The soil should be rich and have good drainage. Your soil should have peat moss to enhance aeration and organic matter to nourish your plant. Sometimes it’s advisable to add some sand soil to the mixture to improve drainage.
  2. Temperature: If you are growing them in a pot as house plants, maintain a temperature of between 60-80F.
  3. Watering: Keep the soil moist but not soggy. Not too watery or dry.
  4. Humidity: This goes hand in hand with moisture content and the ideal temperature. Humidity will trigger and aid the blooming process.
  5. Light: Your Calla lilies will need partial shade to full sun if you are in a warm region and a full sun if you are in a colder area.