Dracaena Fragrans

Dracaena Fragrans Care Guide

To help your Dracaena thrive best to its full beauty and elegance, it’s important to regularly pay attention to caring for it. Dracaenas generally do not need to be treated specially to survive, but there are basic factors to always consider and regulate if Dracaena fragrans is going to be kept healthy.

Here are factors you show pay attention to, to ensure your houseplant is in good condition:


  1. Lighting: Dracaena requires indirect lightning. Do not expose it to scorching sun as this can damage the leaves. The foliage is very sensitive to too much sunlight.


  1. Watering: Dracaena requires less water than other plants. Wetting the leaves and mildly wetting the soil is most advisable. Do not soak the soil as this may lead to root rot. Also ensure that the top soil is dry before wetting. Wet Dracaena with pure water only, it reacts to toxic water.


  1. Temperature regulation: Your Dracaena should not be placed in cold regions, neither should it be placed in too hot regions. Dracaena prefers the temperature of its natural habitat (tropical rain forest) but can thrive in little lower temperatures anyway.


  1. Repotting: Dracaena only needs to be repotted every few years but can be done frequently also. Repotting it can be done by carefully removing the pot with a knife and the loosen the roots of the plant from the soil. Cut off the dead roots, then set the plant in a new pot and surround it with a new soil. Water the plant well and keep it away from sunlight for about 2weeks.


  1. Pest control: Dracaena is less susceptible to pests and diseases but can be affected by mealy bugs and spider mites. Both can be treated with insecticides that contain pyrethrin.


  1. Fertilization: Dracaena doesn’t need much fertilizer. Feeding it once in a month with water soluble and well balanced plant food is sufficient.


  1. Cleaning: Cleaning your Dracaena once in a while is profitable for your plant. This helps to keep your plant away from dust.


  1. Cutting: Dracaena plant can get big and wide, you can cut it by the sides, it doesn’t hurt the plant.