Fiddle Leaf Fig

Care Tips for Fiddle-Leaf Fig


  • Adequate lighting: The Fiddle leaf fig has giant leaves and so needs much sunlight for it to make it food. Placing it at the window rather than a few steps away from it or far away from it prolongs the life of the fig. Fiddle leaf fig requires indirect sunlight.


  • Systematic watering: Watering the fig is relatively easy. How frequent you water it depends on the temperature of your room or workplace. When dry, the soil should be adequately watered until it’s very wet and do not water again until the soil is dry. This may be between every 1-2weeks as the case may be. You may stick your hands into the soil to feel the dryness or wetness of the soil before and after wetting respectively. Although, they do not like too much water also.


  • Fertilizing: The Fiddle leaf fig can be fertilized either with granular or liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is added at times when you wet your plant but granular fertilizers are to be added once in a year or less.


  • Repotting: The Fiddle leaf fig should be repotted every few years. It is necessary to be done especially when you see roots sticking out of drainage holes of your pot. The pot is carefully removed with a knife or any other material and the plant is brought out. The soil should be changed as well as old roots should be cut off, this keeps your fig fresh as ever.


  • Cleaning: Clean your fig plant at least once in a month. This is because dusts particles can block the plant from receiving adequate sunlight to photosynthesize.