Holly Plant

Tips and guide on Holly Plant care

Caring for holly trees after they’ve been planted is similar to most trees and shrubs out there. However, holly trees planted in containers generally require more care than those grown in the ground. Read and understand these tips on how to properly care for the holly shrubs. This information will equip you so that you’re ready to protect the plants from extreme conditions that might cause their death.

  1. Light

Most hollies are tolerant of less ideal conditions like shade but do best in full sunlight.

When grown indoors, place the shrub under partial shade position for optimum growth. However, if the room is dark there’s no need to worry because it still grows in full shade. This explains why it can be found in dense woodland environments.

  1. Soil

Holly plants are adaptable to different soil types and do best in well-drained soil. The best location for growing holly bushes should be well-drained but not dry, slightly acidic soil. The ideal pH ranges from 6 which is slightly acidic to 8 which is slightly alkaline.

You should cover the ground with a thick layer of mulch if the plant is not in a container. This protects the soil around the plant when the winters are long and the ground doesn’t thaw.

  1. Water

Ensure that the newly planted plants are watered daily for the first week, then twice a week for a month, and after that, once a week for the remainder of summer if planting was done in spring.

If winters are severe in your area, plant the plant in a location where they will be protected from polar vortexes. It helps to mulch around the base of the shrub during summer when it’s hot to help retain water.

  1. Temperature

Relatively low temperatures especially in spring or fall create a less stressful environment for the holly bush to thrive. As long as the environment you live in is not prone to extreme temperatures, expect that your holly plant will do well.

  1. Fertilizer

Fertilize your holly bushes at least once every year using a balanced liquid fertilizer. There are a variety of fertilizers that you can choose from – look for a fertilizer that works as a bloom booster or one that has a high phosphorous concentration. This mineral encourages the formation of white flowers

Caring for holly trees after they’re established is pretty easy. These stately beauties have a distinctive look featuring dark green leaves that look good in any space. Don’t forget that regular pruning is also part of the tree’s care as it ensures that it keeps a compact form rather than becoming scraggly. The holly shrubs respond well to pruning and they may be pruned into topiary fences.