Jade Plant

Tips and Guide on Jade Plant Care

Jade plants are low-maintenance succulent plants that brighten our homes and offices. There are some bare minimums that these plants need to survive indoors. When you have a better understanding of these requirements you’ll see your home turn green right before your very eyes.

Here are some basic planting care practices that you need to adopt to keep these easy-to-grow guys alive:

  1. Start with correctly mixed soil and in the right pot. By correctly missed, we mean that the soil should drain well and allow plenty of room for the roots to breathe.
  2. Everything should be in moderation. This applies to the water, light, and food
  3. A watering schedule of once or twice a week should be established. During fall and winter, the jade plant typically only needs watering a few times a month. If you don’t practice reduced watering during these months, the plant will suffer from root rot.
  4. Remember that light is just as important as water. It is needed for the plant to carry out various biological processes such as photosynthesis. Some plants require more light than others to grow but the good thing about the Jade plant is that it can thrive in bright indirect light.
  5. Don’t forget that the plants also need the right temperature, great air flow to do well. 

Over the last couple of years, succulents have gained lots of popularity in people’s homes thanks to their low-maintenance needs. The Jade plant is no exception.

This succulent “dollar” houseplant has become a favorite for its round fleshy green leaves, distinct tree-like form with thick woody stems, and its undemanding nature.