Money Plant

How to grow a money plant

As mentioned earlier, you can grow your money plant in an aquarium, as a potted plant in soil, or in a jelly jar. You will need to propagate young new plants from cuttings. To allow the cuttings to develop some roots, you can place them inside a bottle or jar filled with water and leave them for a couple of weeks.

Transplant the new plant into a pot with your desired medium. Be sure to use the right container, pot, or jar for your choice of medium. Money plants are temperature-resistant; thus, you can transplant them at any time or season round the year. You, however, need to place the newly transplanted plant in partial light to prevent the young leaves from getting scorched in direct sun.

When growing your money plant inside the soil, you can place a cutting in a jar filled with water and wait for it to form a complete root system before transplanting it, or you can place the node inside a pot with well-drained soil and leave it to grow from your desired location inside the house.


Tips and Guide on Money Plants Care

If your plants’ roots emerge out of the pot, transplant them into bigger pots.

Overwatering money plants can cause root rot, leaf drop, and the entire plant to die off.

Add fertilizer only once a month when your plants are blooming.

Please don't feed your plants during winter or their dormant season.

Place the potted plan on a tray with water and stones if your plant looks dry to increase the humidity.

Use well-drained soils to prevent root rot.