Noble Fir

Care for A Noble Fir Christmas Tree

  • Watering

Water your Noble Fir tree frequently during its early growth stage. Water is important because it prevents the needles from drying and dropping off. Water also helps in keeping the tree fragrant.


  • Pruning

Remove the dead or damaged stems and also any stems that compete with the leader should be trimmed to maintain an even shape all around.


  • Fertilization

Fertilize only the root zone of the Noble Fir tree using a nitrogen fertilizer. Apply fertilizer each spring about three weeks before bud breaks.


  • Temperature

Keep your Noble Fir Christmas Tree away from all heat sources, fireplaces as this will cause it to dry and wither faster.

They will not bear confers/ berries in lowland tropical climate zone.


  • Light

Expose them to bright direct sunlight. Do not keep them indoors for over two weeks or they can start shedding their leaves and die.


7 Easy Steps to Grow a Noble Fir Christmas Tree

  1. Locate a sunny area with cool moist soil.
  2. Select a good Noble Fir tree which the needle hasn’t fallen off.
  3. Fill half of the pot with either loamy or sandy soil.
  4. Gently place the plant root inside the flowerpot. Avoid root tangling.
  5. Complete the filling of the pot with soil.
  6. Water moderately, avoid soggy soil.
  7. Transplant into a larger pot and the tree grows larger.