·         WATERING

Keep the Poinsettia plant soil slightly moist and not soggy, as over-watering will make the leave turn yellowish and fall off. When the soil surface becomes dry to the touch, it is time to water the plant to make it moist.



Poinsettia does not require fertilizer while blooming, but you can apply fertilizer when the bloomed flower falls off to keep them alive until the next holiday season

The plant should be watered thoroughly after it has been fertilized, otherwise the fertilizer may scorch the root and damage the plant.


·         PRUNING

 While pruning poinsettia, wear a glove to prevent the plant sap from dripping on the skin as it can cause irritation to the skin, also, the dead foliage should be cut off regularly using a clean gardening shear.


·         LIGHT

Poinsettia does best when placed next to a well-lit window or direct sunlight, the plant shouldn't be exposed to a temperature below 50 degrees.