Radermachera Hainanensis

How to Care for Radermachera Hainanensis

  • Sunlight

Golden Jasmine Trees require most of the energy from sunlight. So, it’s best to place them outdoor where they can receive an abundance of direct light.

If you are want to grow it indoors, bring it to the window side where the sun has access to it.

However, if you are growing it outdoor, remember to bring it inside as soon as it is winter. Radermachera hainanensis can wither off when exposed to prolonged cold weather.

  • Air humidity

When air is dry, the leaves of Radermachera hainanensis are likely to get withered or even fall off.

It is important to have at least 75% of air humidity around the plant to keep it healthy and elegant.

  • Fertilizer application

Fertilizing a plant is an important element to boost its health and overall performance. However, if it is applied in too much proportion, there might be negative impacts on the plant’s growth.

In 2-3 month intervals, ensure that you fertilize your Radermachera hainanensis with a bio-humus fertilizer.

  • Disease infestation

Radermachera hainanensis is a plant vulnerable to diseases such as leaf spot disease which makes the leaves yellow and fall off as they get dry.

Once you recognize this disease on your plant, don’t hesitate to cut off the affected branches and treat the plant with diluted carbapenems solution every two weeks. Usually, it takes spraying the solution just three times to control the disease.

  • Watering

When growing Radermachera hainanensis, if there’s too much water in its soil, its roots will find it hard to breathe, and this may result in killing or retarding the whole plant over time. In some cases, the roots may get rotten, thus unable to provide the plant with nutrients.

Always ensure that you don’t water your Radermachera hainanensis too much or too often, but, as well, don’t deprive it of enough water.