Snake Plant

Tips and guide on Snake Plant care

Snake plants are resilient and low maintenance indoor plants, making them easy to find in numerous homes. They can thrive both indoors and out. All you need to do is meet all the favorable conditions and watch your plant grow. Here are a few tips you should have in mind.

  1. Keep the soil moist but not wet. Snake plants need water to grow, but you need to ensure that the pot is well-drained to prevent the plant from suffering from root rot caused by overwatering. Only water the plant when 2 to 4 inches of the topsoil are dry.
  2. Place or grow your snake plant in partial sun. Direct sunlight could scorch the leaves, while poor lighting could cause the plant to have dull leaves, which you don’t want as the patched leaves/foliage is the catch.

How to grow a snake plant

You can either propagate a snake plant by using leaf cuttings or rhizomes with roots. Cutting some rhizomes from the parent plant is the easiest way to grow new plants as they already have a developed root system, unlike when using leaf cuttings. With leaf cuttings, you ought to plant them in a medium until they develop roots, then you can transplant them into the desired pots. To get your rhizomes, cut the rhizome part with some developing roots using a sharp and clean knife. Be careful to grow your new and parent plants in well-drained soils.

For fast growth, make sure you have the right and enough nutrients in your potting mix. Adding some helps keep the soil well-drained.